Photography by Braedon Photography

It’s hard to believe that our sweet boy is turing 5 today.
Seems like only yesterday that I sat in Bible study,
counting the minutes between contractions.
You were three weeks early.
Even the doctors and nurses weren’t ready for you to arrive.

Your Daddy walked the halls with me for hours,
as I waddled hooked to an IV of fluids.
He held my hand and we talked about how much we couldn’t wait to meet you.
How much we already loved you.

When you arrived, you were every bit a piece of me and your Daddy.
A head full of strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes,
we were smitten from the start.
From the moment you looked into my eyes
there was no doubt, you were going to be a mama’s boy.

I love that you still want to snuggle with me at night,
that you love to pray for our family.
I love that you remind us daily that you love us up to Heaven,
and when you grow up and become a farmer,
that you’ll always want to live next door to us.

We pray you always remember that you can reach for the stars,
that there’s no such thing as a little dream,
that hard work does pay off,
and that college is important.

We pray for your future,
for the woman you’ll marry,
the children you will have.
And that you’ll find a women,
who will be happy to bear the 6 children,
you want to keep telling us you want someday. (haha)

We are so beyond proud of you!
You are kind,
a people person,
and a great friend.

We love you little man!
Happy 5th Birthday!

xo, Mommy + Daddy