Everything you didn’t see on Instagram last week


It’s crazy to think that a whole week went by while I Fasted Instagram and hell didn’t freeze over and the world didn’t end. Being offline on a social media channel that I diligently check so often during the day freed up so much of my time and energy to just…. be. I hadn’t realized how much of a bad habit I had formed in my unhealthy relationship with Instagram. It’s amazing how your self esteem rises when you aren’t beginning your day with checking to see how many likes and comments you received on your latest photo.

Even though I hopped online last night, I’ve made a commitment to myself moving forward that there will be no Instagram until after the kids are off at school. My mornings will remain solely focused on them and I will not begin my day with worries about how many people like me/my outfit/my family pic/my kids or not.

But in case you missed me last week, here’s a sneak peek into our week and all the things I didn’t share on Instagram. Our sweet girl came home from Winter Camp. She was only gone for 2 nights, but we missed her so much and our home was so much quieter without her around. Poor thing came home, passed out and woke up with a cough, runny nose, sore throat and she ended up spending all of Monday at home in bed.

IMG_2111 IMG_2086

Brayden was Star of the Week at school. He got to share fun facts about himself, and bring in a toy that is special to him. We also really cracked down and worked on his Marketplace project. Our kids are in private school and in 2nd grade the kids have to come up with a store front, name it and sell a good or service. B came up with the name Hyper Places and is selling paper airplanes that, quite, impressively, can fly pretty far. He makes and tests each one to make sure it goes a far distance, otherwise it’s relegated to the trash. I apologize in advance to all the trees. He’s almost at 50 airplanes and his store front is almost complete. Holy Moly! I forgot what a big project that is!


I tested out a new Pichuberry Puree recipe – a protein smoothie. I have to say, it was pretty dang delicious and one I’ll be making again.

Third grade did their annual Pow Wow/ Pioneer day where the kids (and volunteers) dress up as pioneers or Native American’s for an active day of learning. My job was teaching the kids the history of bow and arrow making and how to shoot with said bow and arrow. I’m just going to say it’s a lot harder than it looks!

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Friday was the Talent Show at school. Katelyn and 3 of her girlfriends danced to the song ‘Good Life’ by The Great Escape and they did so great!!!!! They worked so hard, including 3 practices after school leading up to the show. My only wish is that this cute pink jacket came in my size.


Saturday we slept in, went to a birthday party, shopped for all things baseball since little league starts Thursday and just enjoyed time as a family together. Even though our church broke the Fast after the church service on Sunday, because I didn’t start til Sunday night, I was off Instagram til after the Super Bowl. Which means, I saw Justin Timberlake’s performance in its entirety and not behind my phone screen.


Have you ever taken a break from Social Media? How did it go? Did it change you in a positive way? I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time I Fast from Instagram.

xo, Alissa