Errr day is a Hat Day



| Distressed Denim, top + hat – Joe’s Jeans |

Well it’s been a while since I’ve done a style post, mostly because I feel my best when I’m working out and December was not my best month when it came to my commitment to have my workout part of my daily routine. I’m embarrassed to write that because now that it’s out there, I can’t hide that fact anymore. The, “I’ll go tomorrow” definitely outweighed the effort to get myself in gear and get to the 12. But I want to start the year off right, with new style posts and a renewed dedication to getting my workout on, so I’m looking at this post as the first step towards that. Tomorrow morning, I’ll hit the 12 and get back into my routine before I truly threaten to break this habit I worked so hard to create in my life.

I love this look. Distressed jeans, booties, a tee and hat to cover my unwashed bedhead of hair is my new go to. It’s perfect for this working mama on the go. I’m learning that sometimes less is more and being comfortable during the day is far outweighing the need to always be dressed up. Plus I love how flattering the tee is and I have a hard time finding tee’s the form fit since I have a small waist. Cheer’s to Joe’s Jeans for their amazing collection of tee’s!

What’s on your list of style favorites this year?

xo, Alissa