diy Spring Centerpiece


I don’t know about you guys, but I am so ready for Spring!!  I do enjoy the winter months, but come late February my seasonal depression kicks in and I long for chirping birds and crave COLOR.

I am excited to be back today and share with you a simple little project you can create to add some spring color into your home for little or no cost.  Plus it’s like totally green, which is always a good thing. Yep!


The detes.

  • I started with 4 tin cans I washed out and saved from making chili.  I actually got this idea when my littlest love asked if she could have one to decorate.  It reminded me of making a pen holder out of a soup can in elementary school. 🙂
  • Next I painted them with some acrylic paint I had in my paint stash.  I wanted some of the tin to peek through, so I basically used a dry brush technique.  If you want more of an opaque look you can paint a few coats or even use spray paint.
  • After my paint dried I arranged my cans and put a dab of heavy duty adhesive on the base and rim of each where they touch the other.  I then secured them with some wire.
  • Once they were in place I wrapped some vintage lace and jute twine.  You could use any type of ribbon or twine or even fabric strips to suit your style.
  • Lastly, I just added in my pretty Spring flowers! Oh and I don’t know if your local store does the same, but ours marks down older bouquets to $2!  The roses and larger flowers don’t look too hot, but the ‘fillers’ last a lot longer.  The pretty little white blossoms were in my Valentine bouquet from my Mister and they still look awesome!


With my new centerpiece our kitchen already feels happier and more Spring-like!  My plan is to just pretend Spring is here and then maybe Mother Nature will follow along like asap. Good plan, right? 

I hope it is getting warm and Spring-ish where you are. 🙂

Happy creating!