DIY Christmas Kissing Ball

 A Christmas Kissing Ball is a fun take on a traditional Mistletoe.  They are fairly quick and inexpensive to make.  The great thing about DIY’n it is that you can make it as simple or complex as you want PLUS totally customize to fit your decor by adding in any type of embellishments that suit your fancy. 

In hoping you will get some ideas to create your own,  I am going to bring you along as I make this custom moss kissing ball for an awesome customer!

  • moss ball (you can wrap a foam ball yourself or
    purchase one pre-wrapped)

  • pine sprigs, pine cones,
    acorns, berries, greens, etc.(or any other pretties you decide)

  • about 2 yards of ribbon, jute or twine (depending on how far you
    want it to hang)

  • hot glue gun and glue (optional)

  1. Start with your moss ball. I used a pre-wrapped 6 inch moss
  2. Take your chosen ribbon and wrap your ball, sort of like a
    present twisting at the bottom and wrapping back up to the top. *Leave one
    end longer
    for hanging
  3. Bring the ribbon back up to the top. Make sure it is even with
    your twist at the bottom and then wrap it under itself.
  4. Tie a knot making sure your longer side is the length you want the ball to hang.
  5. Add in a couple more loops by wrapping wire around another
    piece of ribbon and stick it in leaving the other end to drape down.
  6. Add in you pine, berries, and other goodies keeping it
    somewhat symmetrical, but not too ‘matchy’. You can simply stick them in the
    foam or I like to secure with a little hot glue as well. Just keep adding in
    layers until you get your desired look and fullness…there is no right or wrong here. Keep checking as you go to
    make sure it hangs balanced by holding it up from the top of your ribbon. You
    can add weight around with your foliage accordingly.


Once you get the look you want, neatly trim your
ribbons. If you used wired ribbon you can manipulate it a little like I did
with with this one. Make a looped knot at the top for hanging… and there you
go! All ready to promote some holiday lip action.:)


Hang from your ceiling, porch, an entry chandelier (that’s where mine is), or wherever you see fit. They make great hostess gifts for parties too!

Here are a few more variations I’ve created for some lovely customers…

 The possibilities are endless.  You could wrap yours in fabrics, add more ribbon, ornaments, lace, or really anything that fits your style and Christmas decor…Have fun!

Sending you all Warm Wishes for this Holiday Season! xo