Dear GAP, Can we talk about cuteness overload?


| Katelyn’s oufit: Gap Kids  + Brayden’s outfit: BabyGAP |

While I was always an avid BabyGAP shopper when my kids were babies, in the recent years I had only been purchasing denim just due to a lack of interest, if I’m being frank, with their styles. They tend to lean on the preppy side and Katelyn falls more into the “tomboy” style (Madewell, if you will) and Brayden more hipster (H&M). However, I’ve recently fallen in love with some of their cute, new shorts, tees and colored denim they’ve been selling and during a recent 40% off sale, might’ve stalked up on some new clothes for the kids.

Now before you get all judgy on me, please note that I hardly ever purchase clothes for Katelyn because she wears a uniform and because, well my kids haven’t grown at a rapid rate so we’ve been able to fit into some of their favorites for more than one season. I mean, Brayden literally just grew out of his 2T GAP skinnys and cords. But since he shared with me that his cords were too small but showing me the large tear that had occurred while playing at the playground, I bit the bullet and invested in the next size up for him.

And since I’m working hard on letting them pick, some, of their own clothes out, here’s a few things they selected. 

So my questions for you are….. where do you love to shop for clothes for your kids? How do you decide what to buy and what to pass on? And how involved are your kids in choosing picking clothes out for their wardrobe?

xo, Alissa