Creating a Watermark Using Pic Monkey

I’m sure many of your are familiar with the increasing debate about whether or not to watermark the pictures you use on your blog. Often times it can be time consuming, especially when you have several pictures you’d like to share in your post. Here’s my two cents, watermarking is a personal choice, but should you ever decide it’s a necessity for you, there’s nothing wrong with having a tutorial in your arsenal. So get your pinning fingers ready!

Watermarking, for me, is becoming more important as I link up to link ups or contribute to others blogs. It’s also beneficial when your image is pinned to Pinterest. No one can claim it as their own if you’re watermark is on it. Here’s a step-by-step simple guide to watermarking your images using a FREE online photo editing site called Pic Monkey.


Open Pic Monkey on your computer and upload the picture you need to watermark.


Click the icon with the three shapes below the letter “P.” This will take you to the Overlays section of the site.


Click to add “Your Own” overlay + add your logo. (tip: you can also add text over the picture in place of your logo in this step)


After I uploaded my logo, I changed my logo to white so I wouldn’t have such a contrast in colors on my photo + then I used the fade bar to fade the logo enough to make it less bold, but not unnoticeable.

VOILA!! Now you’ve added a watermark to your picture using just a few simple steps.

I wanted you to be able to see how this process would work on a colored picture so I have added the steps below using a colored picture of my son. The picture had a great deal of color, so you can see how adding my logo in white + then fading it still allows it to be noticeable.

As I mentioned in the *tip above, Pic Monkey also allows you to overlay your own text onto your picture. You can do this and still follow steps the last couple of steps to change the color + fade your blog name or web address over your picture. This option is not only just as effective, but it’s a lot less expensive than programs out there such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

What are you waiting for? Go watermark a picture!