Create Your Taste at McDonald’s

If you’ve been following my fitness journey or my Instagram feed, it’s no secret that I’ve been working hard at a life change for almost 2 years now. It’s one that comes with a great deal of sacrifice and dedication, that’s for sure! But, if you have been following along, you know that I’ve made it no secret that somedays I work out so that I can splurge a little. After all, we all have those days, right? You know what I’m talking about. For some of you it’s a glass of wine before 5, for others it’s the pint of ice cream sitting in your freezer. Well for me it’s McDonald’s french fries. I mean, there are no words when it comes to how those babies, served up hot, can melt away the stresses of any day. Is it something I do often? Nope, but there are moments when it’s a necessary splurge.

So when the amazing team at McDonald’s asked me if I would come check out their new Create Your Taste concept in Lynwood, CA, and try their new Build Your Own Burger feature, who was I to say no?! Create Your Taste allows customers to skip the lines and use tablet-like kiosks to create their meal and order.

From various conversations and opportunities I’ve had over the last couple of years with the McDonald’s team, I know that they’ve been working hard behind the scenes to provide some healthier options for both adults and kids. From adding cuties to Happy Meals and fresh vs packaged salads, much effort has been given to providing a great experience from the moment you walk in the door. They’ve even remodeled many of their restaurant footprints.


But let’s get back to what I was there to do… the tough job of getting to try out their build your own burger option. From the moment we walked in the staff was so friendly, introducing themselves to us, even tho they had no idea we were there to test everything out. They led us over to the brand new Kiosk’s where you can place your entire order via a touch screen! How awesome is that?! (scroll down for a video) Under the option to build your own burger you get to go through several screens where you add your patty, add bacon, try out their new topping and bun options (ciabata bread or buttermilk artisan bun, oh my) and top it off with some great new sauce options. I felt like I was in burger heaven!


The Kiosks are really easy to use and the new sauces and toppings in the Build Your Own burger option left me feeling like I needed to return so I could try some of the other ones. In the end I ended up building my burger on the Artisan Roll topped with bacon, grilled onions and the new Spicy Mayonnaise.


When my burger arrived, it looked melt in your mouth good. The Artisan Bun alone might have been my favorite part of the whole burger, although the spicy mayo was really delicious as well. All the ingredients tasted fresh and I thoroughly enjoyed my whole meal. Even the hubs was a huge fan of his burger and fresh fruit smoothie + he’s very picky about his burgers!

Check out how fun building your own burger through Create your Taste is

If you’re in Southern California be sure to check out the Lynwood location or one of the other test locations (Laguna Niguel) that offer Create Your Taste. Go follow McDonald’s on Twitter and keep your eyes peels because they’ll be rolling out test locations in other states in 2015 and with other custom build options. They’re also going to be hosting a fun Twitter party in February you won’t want to miss, so keep an eye out for that as well.

How many of you are like me and feel like somedays McDonald’s fries are the only way to kick back after a stressful day? And how about that burger? #sogood

xo, Alissa

This post was sponsored by McDonald’s, but here at Diary of an Addict, I only talk about brands and products that I enjoy and feel you would enjoy as well.