Coffee Date


Dear friends, if we were having coffee today I would be visibly tired. This week has been jam packed with meetings. phone calls and more meetings. The busier I become the harder it is to come to this space and find words to write. I often wonder if anyone is reading anymore. Do you really care if I’m posting? Maybe it’s the busyness of the week and the exhaustion that’s settling in. No amount of 8 hour nights I get seem to help me feel caught up. 

My to do list has become so long that the moment I cross off one thing, a new thing appears below it. I should say that all the tired’s that come from being busy are the result of some wonderful and beautiful things happening around here. Life is good, it’s great actually. Filled with snuggles, dance parties, ticklefests, soulful conversations, dreaming about the future and reaching personal goals……yet today the headache from the lack of water and restful sleep is what is tormenting me.

You know often times I feel like as a Mom I need to be everything to everyone all the time. I feel that taking a moment to do something for myself would be seen as selfish. So I sneak pieces of chocolate quietly in my pantry with the door closed where no one is watching and I allow my kids to watch tv after days of going without it so that I can take 15 minutes to go to the bathroom by myself and maybe even sit on the couch and read a good book that for a brief moment I can get lost in. As I do these things I glance over my shoulder guiltily wondering if I’m going to get caught or get in trouble. But whose going to be telling me off. Not my kids who are loving snuggling with me on the couch watching tv for a few minutes before we clean the house and get dinner ready. Not my husband who is also sneaking pieces of the same bar of chocolate when no one is looking.

We spend so much time feeling guilty, looking over our shoulder, feeling as though we don’t deserve rest when we are weary or cake when we are celebrating. Who do we blame for this? I really have no idea. All I know is that this next week I’m going to spend more time resting, more time rejoicing and less time feeling guilty for needing to put work aside and focus on my family and my friends. 

By now, of course, I’m rambling on, but are you with me? Do you ever feel this way too? Like you want to be released from the guilt too. You are a good Mama, you are a good wife, you are a good friend and you’re not a bad wife, mama or friend for not texting or calling back right away, for going to bed early, or for needing that break to get a pedicure. 

And with that said, I’m going to say adieu, take a tylenol and say goodbye for now.

Coffee Date

 Coffee date was created so that we could come together each week and build up our community. The blogging community has been so incredibly gracious to me and some of my best friends have been met through these inter webs. I hope the same is true for you. Each week you’re invited to link up a vlog post or a blog post. Some weeks we have themes, others we’re just sharing what’s on our heart. We do have a couple rules tho:

1. Please link directly to your post, not to the main page of your blog.

2. Please link back to my blog so that people can come join us each week for coffee as well

3. Visit some others and encourage their hearts today.

Happy Linking!

xo, Alissa