Our CHRISTmas in iPhone Photos

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We had a wonderful + relaxing Christmas up in Big Bear this year with Kyle’s family. We snuggled by the fire, watched Hallmark movies, skied, played in the snow, made cookies for Santa, but most importantly it was a time of rest. With the busyness of life that comes with owning a business and having two little ones in school and activities, life often feels like a blur. You know those pictures you see of people standing in the subway and while they are in focus everything else around them feels like it’s streaming by in a blur? That’s often how I feel throughout the year and going away to Big Bear allows me to refocus on what’s most important. While we’re in Big Bear I try hard not to work, unless I have to and I try to live in the moment. Most times I can’t even find my iPhone.

As 2016 approaches I’m contemplating my word for the year and goals I want to achieve. Have you started thinking about what your One Word will be for the coming year?

I hope you had the most wonderful and relaxing Christmas, filled with love, family and Christmas cookies.

xo, Alissa