Can you believe it?~

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It’s so hard to believe that I’m already 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Only 100 more days till my maternity leave. Time sure has flown by quickly, and for those of you who have seen me lately, you know, I’m definitely popping out. At first I was worried because it’s seemed as though my belly button was going to pop out early but it has since flattened out. Yippee! I’m starting to read more children’s books to my students so the baby will be surrounded by words. I think the fact that I teach language arts will be a bonus for the little one. My students told me today that they hope our little one’s first words are “Skippyjon Jones.” If you haven’t read this book, you need to… hilarious!! 
It’s so amazing to feel her little movements all day long. When she’s asleep I find myself wanting to gently press on my belly to wake her up. I feel this amazing connection with her when she moving around and exploring what little space that she has. It’s so hard to believe she has room to survive in there all cramped in a ball. No wonder I feel her stretching so much. Kyle and I were talking the other day and we find it hard to believe that anyone who has been pregnant or witnessed a birth could deny that God exists. Who else could’ve created a little being that grows so intricately in the “belly” of a woman, a little being that breathes water for nine months and then when disconnected from the umbilical cord, begins to breathe air. From what my book says, all the babies organs are formed and are now taking the time to grow and develop. This little one growing inside me truly is a gift from God. 
I’m going to have Kyle take some 23 week pictures today, so I’ll post again soon.