Back to School Chalkboard Clipboard

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Hi Rags to Stitches friends!  Krista here again and I can’t believe it’s almost September.  September is one of my very favorite months…  As much as I love summer by now I am  ready for the cooler temps and some routine or structure. {and I use both of those terms very loosely;)}  September always feels like a fresh start for me.

I sent my girls back to school last week and the older they get, the busier things seem to get.  Now that I have one in Jr. High…eek…there will definitely be more homework, more papers, and more things to remember.  So I have been thinking of some ways to make our mornings run a little smoother.  I ran across these clipboards in BH&G’s diy mag. and I thought they would be perfect to put reminders, papers due, reading lists, and stuff like that for each kid right by the back door.

Here is my version…

 photo chalkboardclipboardschoolorganization_zpsffdd345c.jpg

I picked up a couple clipboards from an office supply store for $1.99 each.  I then taped off the top of the board including the clip, making sure I had a clean line, and simply spray painted them with chalkboard spray paint.  If you haven’t used this before just follow the instructions on the can…super easy.

I let them dry over night and then added a few washi tape details.  I think I’ll add my girls names somewhere on there too. 

Next, hung them up by the clip and we’re ready to go.  *tip: to secure the boards a little more to the wall, add some command adhesive strips on the bottom.

 photo clipboardchalkboardorganizer_zpse88ae98a.jpg

If you don’t have kids in school, I think this would be useful for any home or office.

My girls were actually really excited for these…hopefully that means they will put them to good use and we can all stay a little more organized. 🙂

happy creating!

xo, Krista