That’s When I Met Him: Our Love Story Part I

{Guard your Heart Print via Red Letter Words}

Life’s journey often surprises me.

When I was 19 I saw my life as a married woman, stay at home mom, room mom, soccer mom.
I envisioned driving a mini van, baking cupcakes + designing bulletin boards for my children’s classrooms
I was sure I would marry young,
Ride off into the sunset on a white horse
And life would be wrapped up like a beautifully edited  Martha Stewart magazine

When I was 19 I got engaged, was cheated on and found myself on a new journey.
Only this one involved loss of self-esteem, a tattoo and followed with some bad choices in boys.
While they weren’t all bad per say,
they didn’t drive me to my Heavenly Father either.
Many left me feeling empty and non-committal.

I dropped out of college in my senior year.
One year away from my teaching credential in hand.
Transferred to a new university,
in a new state,
only to spend another 2.5 years finishing that degree and credential.
But that’s another story.
I needed to get out, start over.
Run from my former self, my former life.
Funny thing about running from your problems, they tend to follow you.

I faced them by opening up myself to a guy who would only turn out to be a liar and a waste of time. You would think I would’ve learned from my mistakes.
After all any guy who borrows your car because his is on empty, then brings it back hours on empty clearly is only interested in filling his own well.
Much like my empty gas tank our relationship was going nowhere.

Saying goodbye proved easier than I thought it would be.
I was learning that God could provide all that I needed.
It was time to stop making excuses and start making changes.
Operation take my life back.
Only at the time I had no idea that god was preparing me for something more….
Something greater.

I poured my energy back into school,
into my walk with Jesus and new doors began to open.
I began meeting new friends,
getting involved in Student Activities,
channeling my energy into something more.
The greatest thing I learned was that I didn’t need a man to be whole, I just needed Him.
That vision I had at 19 was my plan, not His.
I was finally in a new place.

And that’s when I met him….

this is part 1 in our love story journey, stay tuned for part 2 coming soon.