All I Want for Christmas Is You


This year I had made it a goal for myself to send more snail mail. To sit down, pen and paper in hand, and write letters to people. As I sit here at my table, staring at the date, I realize I still have stacks of cards that sit blank, never having been written. It’s depressing really, realizing that while I’m usually really good at goal setting, it’s so much easier to catch up with people via text or even just scrolling through social media. Allowing myself to “like” photos in place of telling people in my life how much I really like and appreciate them. Am I alone on an island on this one? Looks like I have my work cut out for me next year.

And then Christmas season sneaks up…

And suddenly my mailbox is filled with beautiful snail mail. The kind that actually makes me race my husband to the mailbox to see what’s arrived. I even become a little more giddy when our Christmas cards arrive in the mail from Minted. This year is no exception, I feel like our card perfectly captures how wonderful and adventurous our year has been. We’ve really worked hard to spend more time as a family and it shows.


Remember when I asked you to help us pick our Christmas card from Minted this year? We had so many amazing options and family photos to choose from, but we managed to narrow it down.


Here’s the front….


Here’s the back….

While I love the whole card, the back might be my favorite part! I love that Minted gave us the option to put a photo collage on the back where we could share pictures from our road trip (blog posts to come soon), Kyle’s sisters beautiful wedding and all the time we spent as a family this year.


Every year I love to showcase our Holiday cards in our home. In fact I love it so much, that usually they stay up all year round, even when it’s not Christmas as a reminder to pray for our friends and family all over the world. Then the following year will come and I’ll take the old cards down and replace them with new ones. Since we’ve remodeled, I haven’t had a chance to hang a new photo wall, until now! This DIY is super easy, because, let’s face it, me and DIY don’t mix so well. Even our little ones were able to help me get the wall done.

Here’s how you can have a little bit of Christmas in your house all year long too….

Here’s what you need:

  • 3M Command Hooks
  • Twine
  • Mini Clothespins (these are 1″)


  1. Begin by figuring out how tall you want your picture wall to be. Then mark the top row with painters tape.
  2. Using your holiday card as a template, figure out where your next rows are going to be and mark them with painters tape as well.
  3. Figure out the length you want each picture row to be, then measure the height of each row and mark the opposite side of each row.
  4. Begin on one side using the command hooks (follow the directions so they stick and can be removed). Tie the twine onto the hook and pull it across to the other end of the row, make sure it’s straight and add your second hook.
  5. Keep going till all your rows are done.
  6. Hang all your beautiful Holiday cards.


Now you might be telling yourself that you’ve missed the boat on getting cards out this year, but you haven’t. There’s no rule book to card giving, only that your friends and family will love getting a card from you. Don’t have a picture? Set your kids in front of the tree and take one. Or have a friend take a family photo of your family sitting and laughing on the couch. It doesn’t need to be stressful, the meaning behind it will be appreciated. Think of how you feel when your cards arrive in the mail. 

If you order today you could get your cards by December 20th, that’s still plenty of time to make it to friends and family for the holiday. Use code SENDCARDS to get 10% off $100+ or 15% off $150+ on holiday cards. 


How do you think our cards came out?

xo, Alissa

** I’m working in collaboration with Minted, but I only talk about products that I love and know y’all will love too!