A Little Bit of Sugar and a Whole Lotta Sweet

This weekend I got to go to an amazing event.
An event you might have heard me talk about, tweet about, squeal about. Blog Sugar, a Christ-centered blogging conference put on by three amazing ladies that I’m honored to be in the company of: Rachel, Andrea and Jenn.
An event that God knew I needed to be at. I know this because I won my ticket in a giveaway on Amy Peter’s Studio back in April. We had a lot of personal stuff going on at the time and if I hadn’t won the ticket I probably wouldn’t have been there. 
The verse for the conference was Psalm 34:8, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” and let me tell you I’m feeling nothing less that that goodness as I sit here and type. I’m hoping the words that come out make sense, yet I have no sense of how to even organize or gather my thoughts. I was challenged, inspired, overwhelmed, and all that in the midst of the tears that still form just thinking about the amazing speakers I heard and the friends I made. It reinforced every reason why I love blogging and that it really doesn’t matter what my friends think, real life, amazing and true friendships can form through blogs and social media that can extend into real life. I know this because I lived and breathed it this weekend. And friends if you don’t believe me you can scroll through the millions of pictures in this post. Each of these women are my friends, my REAL LIFE and ONLINE friends and I love and cherish each and every one of them.
Yesterday I was exhausted physically and emotionally, but in an unexplainably amazing way. I also had to say goodbye the the three amazing ladies who stayed at my house this weekend {miss them already!}: Jacqui, Carrie and Meagan. After an afternoon relaxing chasing around my overly rambunctious children,  I debriefed with my hubby on the incredible things I had learned about myself and my blog. He intently listened to everything I said and was truly excited for me. I wanted to cry all over again with the reminder of an amazing hubby who loves and supports me and my “life is a blog post” madness.
I’m about to share with you a ton of pictures! All these women have amazing blogs and I hope you will click on every link and follow every person. And if you’re stopping by today for the first time and I didn’t get to meet you at Blog Sugar, please follow me. I’d love to get to know you!!
Kristen, Nicole, Julie, Heather, Erin and I.

Lindsay and I

Nicole, Kristen, Maggie (aka Gussy Sews!) and myself

Alyss, Jami and I
I have to say these lovely ladies I was more than a little excited to meet. I actually sat right being a certain Little Miss Momma, eek! It was awesome!!
Casey and I
I had the awesome privilege of sharing a Blog Sugar table with these ladies!!
Erica, Myself, Carrie, Julie, Jen and Jacqui
I thought it would be fun to try and organize a little Pre Blog Sugar dinner with people flying or driving in for the conference. When I tweeted it out I didn’t expect to have all these lovely and amazing ladies tweet me back saying they wanted to have dinner with little ol’ me. What?! We had such an amazing time!
Left to Right: Elizabeth, Janene, Carrie, Myself, Kate, Laura, Chelsea and Meagan
Rachel and I
This lady is the heart and soul behind the Blog Sugar Conference. She’s amazing, inspiring and I’m beyond blessed to be able to call her my friend. 
Megan, Ruthanne and I 
I’m sure many of you know this lovely lady, Lisa Leonard. Her blog is amazing and {eek!} she’s the newest sponsor of my blog. I was so excited that I had the chance to meet her. She really is every bit as beautiful as she is on her blog.

Here’s what I took away from this weekend:
God Gave me a story, it’s my job to tell it.
You need to be who you are, no apologies
God made you for a purpose that no one else can fulfill
God never intended me to be average, and so I tell my story, which is why I was given it.
Your blog is a unique gift to you, God gave it to you, not your neighbor.