A Letter to my 18 month old son

My Dearest Brayden,
I can’t believe you are 18 months old today. 
Where did these 18 months go?
You were so little when you were born.
3 weeks early
4 hours in the NICU
You were a fighter from the start
I love you.
I took you to the doctors today for your check up.
They could hardly believe how big you are getting
You giggled through the entire exam.
You are so ticklish.
32 1/4 inches tall
As usual I had to convince the pediatrician that you eat everything in site and not to worry that you are only in the 15th% for weight.
After all the worries we had about your height last year, you’ve turned into a little weed!
You had to get your MMR today. 
Someday you’ll anguish over the vaccine debate as much as I have, but I believe we’ve made the right choice. 
You are one healthy little man.
I love you.
Your daddy and I are so proud of you and the little man you have become.
We love your smile. 
To be honest it gets you out of a lot of trouble.
I want to be stern, put you in time out, but then you look up at me and smile.
I melt. I’m completely and utterly a push over.
You are a mama’s boy to the core.
But oh boy do you love your daddy.
When he comes home from the office you run to greet him saying “dada” and doing a little 
dance where you stomp your feet and clap your hands.
It’s what your daddy looks forward to.
I love you.
You are starting to use so many new words
Mama, Dada, juice, yes, done, want that, shoes, hi, hey
And little man, you love your shoes
You want to put them on the moment you wake up and at times you even refuse to take them off for nap time.
You hate having your diaper changed and love sitting on the potty.
Could you maybe pee in it once in a while?
I love you!

You love to laugh and be silly and it’s infectious.
Your favorite games are peek a boo, ready, set, go and tickle wars.
When you laugh even your sister wants to get in on all the fun.

In the last couple of weeks you’ve learned how to go down the slide like a big boy.
You used to love to slide down on your tummy, but now, this is the only way you’ll go
You’ve even managed to climb up the slide.
We’re not surprised, you enjoy spending a lot of your time climbing up on things:
The toilet, chairs, tables, boxes, sofas, stairs.
You’ve even learned to climb into our SUV and into your car seat.
When did you get so big?
I love you.

Watching you learn new things is such a privilege and a joy.
You are smart and intuitive and I constantly see you watching your big sister
and learning from her.
Some of my favorite moments are watching you clap with excitement when you 
accomplish something new.
Baby boy, I love you so much!

I have to admit, somedays being your mama is a little stressful.
Like when you come in the kitchen and empty all my drawers while I cook.

or wait till I exit the room to help your sister go potty and climb up on your high chair
I’m pretty sure I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream when I walked into the room
and you waved hello to me.
I know you don’t realize how dangerous that is,
but I need to know I can trust you to finish your meal without giving me a heart attack.
Plus, you’re setting a bad example for your sister.
I love you!

I know someday you are going to be completely embarrassed by this picture
but I had to share it because it makes me laugh out loud.
Taking your diaper off is your new favorite hobby. 
If I let you run around without pants on
this is bound to happen.
Don’t tell Daddy, but you’ve already pee’d on the floor once
we don’t want to risk it happening again.
My days are filled with so many wonderful moments that make me the proudest mommy ever.
Thank you for teaching me about love, patience, laughter, and ways to make playing in the dirt fun.
I’m beyond blessed that God chose you for us.
I love you so much!!

Love Your Mommy