10 things on Monday

Bachelorette Battle

Well now that The Bachelor #PrinceFarming season has ended and he picked your top choice for him (or not, Whitney’s voice is kind of grating, right?), you’re probably looking for somethings that you can do on Monday nights till May when the battle for Bachelorette begins with Kaitlyn + Brit at the helm. Personally, I hope they dump Brit on her ass on night one because that girl is an actress and a bad one at that. I liked Kaitlyn and I think the season will be way more enlightening with her as the focus, although I hope she doesn’t promise to let anyone “plow her field” on the first night. Or maybe she might want to promise that to ensure that Brit goes home.

Ok back to your lonely Monday nights. Here are 10 things to keep you occupied till May.

1.) Take up finger knitting. I heard this is fun and easy and, let’s face it, you could get all your Christmas presents done before May. And you get a scarf, and you get a scarf…

2.) Take a cooking class. Not only would this give you a new excuse to spend Monday nights with your girlfriends, but it’s also one to not have to cook dinner at home. “Oh sorry honey, you’re on your own, remember I have that cooking class. I’ll try to bring you home some leftovers…”

3.) Join a Bible Study. I’m sure this would be a better use of your time than reality drama, although you may want to avoid a Monday night commitment because May will be here before you know it.

4.) Have Sex. Need I say more?

5.) Go to bed early. Every week I always wait to start watching till 8:30-8:45 so I can fast forward through commercials, but you’re still getting to bed at almost 11! Get some beauty sleep so you’re all caught up when May’s season starts.

6.) Start planning your Bachelorette Battle Premiere party. I know I’ve already got my Secret Board ready to go, I mean after all, it’s going to be a battle for sure. #teamKaitlyn or #teamBrit?

7.) Practice making the perfect cheese platter. I bring these to all my Bachelor girls nights and it’s a HIT every time! Spend some time finding the perfect cheese and wine pairings for your fall get togethers.

8.) Read 50 Shades of Grey. for fun

9.) Read Chris Harrison’s book. No don’t, or do. If you do tell me how you like it. That guys pretty funny, but I’m not sure if he really knows that much about how to make a successful relationship work.

10.) Get a life! haha It had to be said, although I have a life and I have no shame that if revolves around #BachelorNation every Monday night and sometimes Sunday nights.

Any others I’m missing?

xo, Alissa